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Land Rovers, Lambrettas, and a Yorkshire Sheepdog — all available on DVD from Teeafit Sound & Vision. For prices, see the bottom of the page.

New! New! New!

FIRST OVERLAND... the photos, and 'Boat Race On Wheels'

A new book of photos from the 1955-56 Expedition, and another new book recounting the 1954 Trans-Africa Expedition — both now on sale. For more details, see below.


In 1955 six students from Oxford and Cambridge set out in two Land-Rovers to drive from London to Singapore. Apart from the English Channel and the Bosporus, they drove overland all the way — the first time it had been achieved.
The Expedition only went ahead because its financial viability was assured by (Sir) David Attenborough, when he commissioned 3 films for the BBC. They were shot in colour by Antony Barrington-Brown ('BB'), but only transmitted in black and white. In the late 50s there was no home recording technology like VHS, so (once broadcast) the films faded from view, and have rarely been seen since.
Now, on this DVD, they have been digitally re-mastered and edited, with a commentary by BB and Tim Slessor, and interviews with Nigel Newbery, Pat Murphy, Adrian Cowell and Sir David Attenborough. There is also an 'extra' about the making of the original films and the rescuing of the footage.

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The main feature of 'First Overland' is also available to download from Vimeo, but the 'Extras' are only on the DVD.



Most of the photos in the 'First Overland' book were taken by Antony Barrington-Brown ('BB'), and not all editions of the book have the same set of pictures. Other members of the team also took photos, but from the hundreds taken, only small numbers were published.

But now Adam Bennett (who repatriated the remains of SNX 891, got ‘Oxford’ back on the road, and re-united the old Land-Rover with remaining team members) has gathered together a comprehensive selection of photos — some never published before — in this 118-page spiral-bound book. It's an unparalleled record of one of the most iconic journeys of the 20th Century, and a must for any Land-Rover enthusiast.

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'Boat Race On Wheels’

Before 'First Overland' there was another Oxford & Cambridge expedition — a circumnavigation of Africa. There was a manuscript account written about it by expedition member Don Calman, but it was never published. Now, however, a new book has been launched based on that manuscript. Entitled 'Boat Race on Wheels', and edited by eminent Land-Rover historian James Taylor, with many photos taken by expedition photographer Ross Charlton, it will fill a gap in the important story of the original travels that led to Land Rover becoming a world-wide brand.

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The Land Rover has generated a lot of folk lore since the first one appeared in 1948 — for example, the body was made of aluminium because there was a lot of aircraft scrap left over after World War 2, and it was painted green because there was surplus cockpit paint available. The trouble is, there was no-one left from the early production team to tell the truth from the fiction.
And then a young Australian enthusiast ‘discovered’ an 89-year-old engineer living in Brisbane, who had a wealth of stories about the birth of the Land-Rover. He should know — his name was Arthur Goddard, and he was the original Project Engineer, who turned the drawings into drivable metal, and set the world’s favourite 4x4 on its way.
In 2010 Arthur returned to England, to visit the Solihull factory where the car was born, and look through the archives for the despatch books that bear his name. Some of the very earliest publicity photographs were recreated in their original locations, and enthusiasts brought their earliest vehicles to a dinner in Arthur’s honour.
‘Stop Gap’ follows Arthur on his visit, and busts some of the myths about the birth of the Land-Rover.

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The main feature of 'Stop Gap' is also available to download from Vimeo, but the 'Extras' are only on the DVD.


In April 2013 Land Rover marked its 65th Birthday with a special 4-day celebration on the Packington Estate in Warwickshire. This DVD is a video record of those days, with the iconic and historic vehicles involved, the enthusiasts who brought them, and a unique airborne birthday cake.
From 'Huey' — the very first Land-Rover of all — to the latest Defender LXV and Range Rover Sport models... not just static, but in their natural environment off road and in the water. In one case, literally in the water, as we set sail in the Amphibious Defender on one of Packington's lakes.
There's Heritage Land Rovers from the past 65 years, explorers' Land Rovers, firefighting Land Rovers, specialist Land Rovers, and Land-Rovers-that-might-have-been, all in action. And the high spot is the arrival (by helicopter) of the 65th Birthday Cake, in the shape of 'Huey', being delivered to Packington Hall by 'Huey' himself. It's all the perfect celebration of 'The World's Best 4x4xFar'.

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The main feature of 'Land Rover 65' is also available to download from Vimeo, but the 'Extras' are only on the DVD.


After the 'First Overland' expedition returned from Singapore, the Land-Rovers were returned to The Rover Company. But what happened then? Some say they should have been put into a museum, but they weren't — SNX761 ('Cambridge') was used by another expedition, crashed into a ravine in the Middle East and lost. SNX891 ('Oxford') went with an ornithological expedition to Ascension Island in the South Atlantic, and remained there when the expedition was over, moving to the even-more-remote Saint Helena when the new owner retired. Cannibalised for spares, the remains were eventually bulldozed into the hillside to make way for a new road. 'Oxford' too was, to all intents and purposes, lost.

But a very determined Yorkshire Land-Rover enthusiast, refusing to take 'No' for an answer, has brought the remains back to the UK, and rebuilt 'Oxford'. This DVD follows the rebuilding, and meets some of the people who've been touched over the decades by one of the world's most iconic Land-Rovers. And a couple of years 'FO Photobook', Tim Slessor and Antony Barrington-Brown ('BB') from the original 'First Overland' expedition took another Land-Rover overland to Burma to film footage of a young White Elephant that had been reported as having been born there. In the DVD, Tim Slessor describes the journey, and we see original colour footage not seen publicly for over 60 years.

'After Overland' had its first showing at the Land-Rover Series One Club's 70th Anniversary Rally on Anglesey in June 2018. It completes the story of 'Oxford'.

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'After Overland' is also available to download from Vimeo.

All four Land-Rover titles are also available as a PAL or NTSC Box Set — for more details, click here.


Nell was a working sheepdog who also became a video star, making three films about her native North York Moors.
NELL'S VIEW of the North York Moors is a souvenir journey through some of Great Britain's most magnificent scenery — the North York Moors National Park. From the heather to the daffodils; the fishermen to the sheep-shearers.
NELL'S COAST takes a walk down the beautiful North Yorkshire & Cleveland Heritage Coast from Saltburn to Scarborough. Nell visits the places that bring character to this picturesque coast.
NELL'S CURIOUS YORKSHIRE is Nell's own guide to some of the oddities of the North York Moors. She and her man visit the village that has some Docks (but never any ships), and a Station Hotel (but never any railway). They find some weird gravestones in Whitby, and buy some Grecian Sausages.
All three titles are available on this 2-disc DVD set, together with an extra title NELL— SHEEPDOG VIDEO STAR, which looks at how a working sheepdog from a small farm on the North York Moors became a video star who brought happiness to people all around the world. (Total running time: 165 minutes)

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'Nell's Moors' is also available to download from Vimeo.

after all these years’

In the 1960s the motor scooter was the people’s transport, and it was cheap and easy for riders to compete in motorsport events. In theory it was completely possible to turn up to an off-road scramble meeting on your every-day road bike, compete, and ride it home again afterwards. But realistically most riders would modify old Vespas and Lambrettas, and the rules meant that they had a lot of leeway.
But the flexible regulations that allowed this also killed the sport, as riders with scooter dealership facilities behind them could build expensive ultra-competitive machines, which were perfectly legal, but a million miles from anything that could be recognised as a true road-going scooter.
Now, early enthusiasts from The Bats Scooter Club remember the bikes and the riders, and visit the main venue at Elstead Royal Common in Surrey to find that the course can still be traced after 40 years. This hour- long video includes film footage from an actual 60's race meeting, and brings back memories of the days when a scooter rider could enjoy a good day’s motorsport for a fiver.
Includes two extras — ‘Where was Elstead?’, and ‘The Making of the DVD’.

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'Still Batty' is also available to download from Vimeo.

All titles can be bought online, and paid for by credit card or PayPal. The 'Nell's Moors' DVD is £19.50 (including post & packing) anywhere in the world — all the other titles are £22.00. For the prices of the download versions of the Land-Rover topics, see the Vimeo pages, but they are approximately £8.00 for a 6-month rental, and £15.00 to view or download for all time. 'Still Batty' is £2.00 and £5.00 respectively.

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